COmmunication Network VEhicle Road Global Extension

AP0: Project Management
AP0.1 Coordination of the overall project
AP0.2 Project office/Dissemination
AP0.3 Closing event
AP0.4 Cross departmental function IT-Security
AP1: Requirements & Role Models
AP1.1 Actors & institutional role models
AP1.2 Status analysis, use cases & requirements
AP1.3 Reference scenarios & assessment criteria
AP2: Architecture & Interfaces
AP2.0 Guidelines for prototype and integration plan
AP2.1 Technological & architectural requirements
AP2.2 Architecture variants
AP2.3 Elaboration of reference architecture
AP2.4 Specification of the security architecture
AP2.5 Implementation
AP3: Traffic Center& ITS Service Provider
AP3.1 Specification of system oriented enhancements at ITS service provider
AP3.2 Specification of system oriented enhancements at traffic centers
AP3.3 IT-security – central security modules & certification authority
AP3.4 Prototypical assembly& adjustments at ITS service providers
AP3.5 Prototypical assembly& adjustments at ITS traffic centers
AP4: Cellular Communication
AP4.1 Specification of typical cellular components
AP4.2 Prototype implementation
AP4.3 Performance analysis of cellular specific functionalities
AP5: IRS-Communication& IRS-Networks
AP5.1 Technological boundaries & base technologies
AP5.2 Potential analysis of von ETSI ITS-G5
AP5.3 Specification of IRS & IRS-network
AP5.4 Prototype implementation
AP5.5 Assessment
AP6: Mobile Node
AP6.1 Specification of the vehicle system requirements
AP6.2 Prototypical implementation of additional functionalities
AP6.3 Subsystem integration and functional testing
AP7: Integration, Verification & Demonstration
AP7.1 Conception
AP7.2 Technical Integration of sub-systems
AP7.3 Verification of the overall system
AP7.4 Demonstration of the overall system
AP8: Final Assessment
AP8.1 Assessment of technical solutions
AP8.2 Assessment of security solutions
AP8.3 Economic assessment of the institutional role model
AP8.4 Overall appraisal of the CONVERGE solution
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