COmmunication Network VEhicle Road Global Extension

The Car2X Systems Network is a dynamical extendable association for cooperative systems in ITS, comparable with the internet with open standards and interoperability, which picks up current innovations in the field of ICT and thus provides novel approaches for system- and software-design.

using the example of the traffic light phase assistant

The stated goal of CONVERGE is the definition of an architecture and interfaces for an open, distributed, transregional/international connecting, provider-independent, scalable, flexible, secure and hybrid communicating Car2X Systems Network.

For this purpose the basic network architecture (central, P2P, hierarchical) has to be defined. Furthermore, concepts must be developed, which comprises the IT security and privacy as well as data management. To participate in the system network appropriate software approaches are needed. The design, control and realization of the information flow has to be ensured over cellular network and ETSI ITS G5, interfaces to mobile nodes and infrastructure side services has to be prepared.

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