COmmunication Network VEhicle Road Global Extension

The CONVERGE partners prepare regulations for the Car2X systems network, how different traffic institutions should work together in the future according to their responsibilities and roles. Therefore the Car2X systems network establishes a completely new open communication-, services- and organization architecture that reflects communication technologies and technologies of IT security at state of the art. Not only the technology-overarching connecting of communication of vehicles with relevant information sources is taken into account, but also information providers will be included, which are responsible organizationally for the operation of cooperative systems of intelligent traffic - so-called IVS systems. These include the operators of traffic infrastructures, cellular networks and networks of traffic infrastructure - the so-called IRS networks - as well as vehice manufacturers and IVS service providers. Through defined access points, they can be integrated into the open and secure system architecture. The ultimate goal is the decentralized and dynamic coupling of all systems and actors across national borders.

Prof. Dr. Horst Wieker

Prof. Dr. Horst Wieker

CONVERGE Coordinator
Head of Research Group Telematics (FGVT) at the University of Applied Sciences of the Saarland

"The model for cooperative systems in the intelligent traffic in a dynamically extensible system network is the Internet, where structures are distributed decentralized and all participants are equal. Open standards and interoperability for the future expansion are of strategic importance. The activities in CONVERGE are therefore aligned over different systems and providers and can be used over jurisdictional and national boundaries at all times."
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